Cash Dividend Results

Fiscal Year Interim
(Dividend payment date: early December)
(Dividend payment date: late June)
FY Mar/2025 The 144th 9.0yen (plan) 9.0yen (plan) 18.0yen (plan)
FY Mar/2024 The 143rd 9.0yen 9.0yen 18.0yen
FY Mar/2023 The 142nd 9.0yen 9.0yen 18.0yen
FY Mar/2022 The 141st 8.0yen 8.0yen 16.0yen
FY Mar/2021 The 140th 4.5yen 4.5yen 9.0yen
FY Mar/2020 The 139th 8.0yen 8.0yen 16.0yen
FY Mar/2019 The 138th 8.0yen 8.0yen 16.0yen
FY Mar/2018 The 137th 7.0yen 8.0yen 15.0yen
FY Mar/2017 The 136th 7.0yen 7.0yen 14.0yen
FY Mar/2016 The 135th 6.0yen 7.0yen 13.0yen