To realize a Sustainable Society

Global warming, water scarcity, air pollution, and the depletion of fossil fuels are the kind of environmental problems that affect us all on a global scale and require us to find urgent solutions. At Toray, we are promoting the expansion of our Sustainability Innovation Business with the aim of realizing a clean energy society, and a recycling-oriented society supported by recycling, biotechnology, separation membrane technology, and other new approaches.

Realizing a clean energy society

At Toray we are focusing our Group's overall strength on research and development of power generation and battery related materials, and technologies making use of hydrogen, and thereby helping to promote the use of clean energy not reliant on fossil fuels.
We have commercialized carbon fibers for the turbine blades used in wind power generation, and separator films for lithium-ion batteries. In addition, we are conducting research and technology development on materials for various applications, including hydrogen production, transport, storage, and use. In the area of fuel cell vehicles, we are working to expand our business by commercializing key components such as carbon paper (CP), gas diffusion layers (GDL), electrolytes with catalyst coated membrane (CCM), membrane electrode assemblies (MEA) that combine these elements, and hydrogen tanks (carbon fiber, liner resin).

Toray’s Contribution to promote broader use of clean energy

Wind turbine blades (Using carbon fibers made by Zoltek)
Electrolysis unit (used in demonstration testing by NEDO)
NEDO: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
Conceptual illustration of Greenerity’s new plant (Bavaria, Germany).
Greenerity develops, manufactures, and sells hydrogen and fuel cell related components.

Realizing a recycling-oriented society supported by recycling, biotechnology, separation membrane technology, etc.

The Toray Group is contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions by striving for a recycling-oriented society. To achieve this society, we are leveraging various technologies: to make plastic products recyclable and bio-based, to shift energy use to renewables and hydrogen, to reuse water, and so forth.
Through recycling, various products can be produced from collected PET bottle material using filtering and cleaning technologies for removing foreign matter, and we have launched &+™ as a recycled fiber brand that is also endowed with Toray's unique traceability function. We are developing applications of key materialsーrecycled and bio materialsーand aiming for mass production of plant-derived 100% bio PET as early as possible in the 2020s, focusing primarily on applications in sportswear and automotive interiors. By using biomass materials, we are promoting high-efficiency production of plant-derived materials for the development of membrane-assisted bioprocesses that apply separation membranes for water treatment to the processes of saccharification, fermentation, and purification.

Toray’s Contribution a recycling-oriented society

&+™, recycled fiber brand

Membrane-integrated saccharification process

Cellulosic Biomass Technology’s membrane-based saccharification plant (Thailand)