CSR Activity Report (CSR Guideline Activity Reports)


Disclose corporate information in an active, fair and straightforward manner to maintain management transparency; and disclose information appropriately to encourage dialogue and cooperation with stakeholders including customers, employees, stockholders, business partners, consumers, mass media, and other parties

Basic Approach

Toray Group communicates with diverse stakeholders throughout its business activities in accordance with its Basic Policies to Promote Dialogue with Stakeholders and its Information Disclosure Principles. The senior management team regularly receives reports on communication activities and provides advice.
Toray Group’s goal of achieving sustainable growth globally and into the future is about much more than just expanding the Group’s business. The aim is to practice Toray-style management, contribute to society, and remain a corporate entity respected by society. Toray-style management is all about living up to the corporate philosophy of “contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products,” and this is done by executing the corporate missions of serving customers, employees, shareholders, and society. In 2020, Toray Group organized its management principles — the principles that it has upheld since the beginning — in the form of the Toray Philosophy. Over the two years between fiscal 2020 and 2021, Toray Group implemented the Toray Philosophy Project as one of its group-wide projects under Project AP-G 2022, seeking to enhance understanding of Toray-style management both inside and outside the Group. Issues involving organizational culture and the gaps that have been detected between the Toray Philosophy and the workplace over the duration of these two years of activities will be taken over by the Corporate Brand Meeting, which was established in September 2021 under the Brand Management Committee chaired by the president. This committee will continue to formulate and implement measures to activate internal communication.

Basic Policies to Promote Dialogue with StakeholdersEstablished September 2005

  1. Toray Group will promote dialogue and collaboration with all stakeholders, including customers, stockholders and investors, business partners, employees, government, local communities, NPOs, citizens, the global community and the media.
  2. Each company in Toray Group, through dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders, will take steps to carry out reforms designed to increase the satisfaction level of everyone.
  3. All Toray Group employees, in their respective workplaces, shall identify and strive to solve issues affecting stakeholder satisfaction as part of their CSR activities.

Information Disclosure PrinciplesEstablished January 2004

  1. Information Disclosure Principle:
    Strive to communicate with various stakeholders associated with the Company by actively disclosing pertinent information.
  2. Voluntary Disclosure Principle:
    Comply with statutory disclosure and timely disclosure requirements and voluntarily disclose information that can be disclosed.
  3. Timely Disclosure Principle:
    Strictly comply with the appropriate disclosure timing for statutory disclosure and timely disclosure, and disclose information on facts that can be disclosed as quickly as possible for voluntary disclosure as well.
  4. Fair Disclosure Principle:
    Disseminate information to all stakeholders in a fair and unbiased manner.
  5. Information Management Principle:
    Officers and employees associated with the content of information to be disclosed shall strive to maintain thorough information management until disclosure.


The General Administration & Communications Division works with divisions and departments of Toray Industries and its group companies in and outside Japan to devise the best methods for collecting and disseminating information. The Group’s business sites regularly engage and maintain lines of communication with local residents and governments. Additionally, the Group is always open to inquiries and feedback from stakeholders, which are fielded through its corporate websites.
Opinions obtained from stakeholder communication processes are used to provide feedback to the related divisions and departments. They are encouraged to act on the feedback received in order to maintain good relationships with stakeholders. For example, matters related to safety, health, accident prevention, and environmental conservation are suitably handled by the Group’s business sites. The CSR Operations Department in the General Administration & Communications Division guides the implementation of social initiatives that contribute to the advancement of local communities, which are carried out by the business sites.

CSR Roadmap 2022 Targets

CSR Roadmap goals

  1. Reflect results of dialogue and collaboration with each stakeholder group in management activities in a timely and appropriate manner
  2. Reflect information obtained through dialogue and collaboration with each stakeholder group in management decisions in a timely and appropriate manner

Main Initiatives and Key Performance Indicators

⑴ Actively dispatch information on the Toray Philosophy and use education to ensure it is embraced throughout the Group
⑵ Strengthen the dissemination of information via websites
⑶ Facilitate exchange of opinions between management and employees
⑷ Facilitate communication between management and stockholders and investors
⑸ Encourage communication with mass media
⑹ Work to utilize various tools and strengthen systems in order to effectively disseminate information and promote dialogue in response to digitalization and globalization
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Target Fiscal 2022 Result
Fiscal 2020 Fiscal 2021 Fiscal 2022
1 million page views 1 million page views 1 million page views 1.01 million page views
40% 60% 80% 68%
Cumulative total of 80 Cumulative total of 80 Cumulative total of 80 Cumulative total of 109
200 200 200 171
  1. Reporting scope : Toray Industries, Inc. (6-❶)
    Toray Group (6-❷, 6-❸ and 6-❹)

Related Materiality for CSR

  • Developing in Collaboration with Stakeholders
  1. * Click here for the Materiality View of CSR Roadmap 2025 (PDF:392.4KB).PDF

Looking to the Future

With the diversification of social issues in recent years, careful dialogue with stakeholders has become increasingly important. Toray Group brand value lies in its business portfolio, which has grown from Toray’s original textile business and which cannot be easily duplicated by competitors. The Group treats requests from stakeholders, including the global demand for sustainability, as opportunities for growth. By contributing to society through its businesses and other efforts, Toray Group will continue to promote social progress and help to resolve global issues, thereby enhancing its corporate value and continuing to serve as a corporate group of high value to all stakeholders.

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Fiscal 2022 CSR Activity Report

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