Masatoshi Ohkura(Research Fellows)

Masatoshi Ohkura
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering), Professional Engineer (Chemistry)
  • Department : Films & Film Products Research Laboratories
  • Area of expertise : Film Materials Design

My Thoughts on Research

What I find exciting about corporate research is that a single concept or idea can be converted into a new product and/or business throughout the company and go on to contribute to society. At R&D of functional materials, I particularly focus on unraveling the mechanisms of structural formation and the origin of function. By building new hypotheses and fine-tuning them through repeating tests and deep consideration, without adopting existing notions for granted, I have attained novel concepts that have led to dramatic improvements of products in characteristics. Since producing new materials takes time, it is also important to predict future social and technological trends. This is why I conduct research using my own predictions for the future after extensively gathering information from various perspectives. Since it requires a lot of trial and error and persistent testing to launch a new product, I conduct R&D with passion and positivity with colleagues and customers.

Main Academic Papers

1992 Polymer, 33 (17), pp. 3686–3690 (1992)
Polymer, 33 (23), pp. 5044–5048 (1992)
2007 CMC Publishing, The Latest Trend in Organic Insulating Materials in Electronics
Convertech, November 2007
2019 Seikei-Kakou 31, 434–437 (2019)
Monthly Ohm, 106, October issue (2019)
2021 70th SPSJ Annual Meeting, Preprints. No. 2A22 (2020)

External Awards

2020 FY2020, The Award of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan (Technology)
2021 The 68th Okochi Memorial Technology Award
2022 2022, The Kinki Region Local Commendation for Invention and The Encouragement Prize for Invention