Toray Group Corporate Social ResponsibilityToray Group Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

CSR Guidelines

Toray Group has established CSR Guidelines to govern its CSR initiatives. Intended to be comprehensive, they cover aspects from corporate governance to social contribution. The CSR Guidelines consist of ten themes, each of which is assigned an implementation leader.

CSR Guidelines
1. Corporate Governance
Continually revise management systems, strengthen internal controls as part of efforts to fulfill the company’s social responsibilities.
2. Ethics and Compliance
Ensure all executives and employees uphold a sense of responsibility, fairness and high ethical standards, and act with a keen sense of compliance to maintain the trust of society.
3. Safety, Accident Prevention, and Environmental Preservation
Ensure the safety and health of society and employees, and protect the environment in all business processes, from procuring raw materials and manufacturing to the supply and disposal of products.
4. Product Quality and Safety
Provide safe, highly reliable products by striving to enhance management systems for product quality assurance and safety, and disclose appropriate information.
5. Risk Management
Under normal conditions, assess and analyze risks, and strive to mitigate and prevent them from materializing; and in the event of a crisis that could have a significant impact on management activities, strive to prevent damage from increasing, by bringing the situation quickly under control and normalizing conditions with a prompt and appropriate response.
6. Communication
Disclose corporate information in an active, fair and straightforward manner to maintain management transparency; and disclose information appropriately to encourage dialogue and cooperation with stakeholders including customers, employees, stockholders, business partners, consumers, mass media, and other parties.
7. Contributing Solutions to Social Issues through Business Activities
Leverage innovation to address global-scale environmental issues such as climate change and provide solutions for various social issues such as the need to improve the quality of medical care, the need to reduce the burden on medical staff, health maintenance and longevity, and personal safety, thereby helping to build a more sustainable world.
8. Human Rights Promotion and Human Resources Development
Respect human rights, provide safe and healthy workplaces for employees, secure and train personnel, and diversify while striving to protect employment.
9. Facilitating CSR Initiatives Throughout the Supply Chain
Promote CSR initiatives in areas including environmental preservation and human rights throughout the entire supply chain by working closely with suppliers, processing vendors, customers and distribution companies.
10. Social Contribution Activities as a Good Corporate Citizen
Proactively participate in local communities and the larger society in order to contribute to development in a way betting a good corporate citizen.

CSR Roadmap

Every three years Toray Group draws up a CSR roadmap based on its CSR Guidelines. This serves as the Group's medium-term plan for executing CSR initiatives. Under this roadmap, specific action goals as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) are set to quantitatively monitor yearly progress.

Sixth CSR Roadmap Results and Establishment of CSR Roadmap 2022 (Seventh Roadmap)

The Sixth CSR Roadmap was implemented from fiscal 2017 through fiscal 2019. Material issues for CSR were initially identified in fiscal 2015. New ones were added based on recommendations from external thought leaders, and were reflected in the roadmap. KPIs were set for the entire Toray Group in principle, the direction of group-wide CSR promotion activities was also established, and results were steadily achieved. →Fiscal 2019 Activity Report
The seventh roadmap covering the period fiscal 2020 through 2022 has been named CSR Roadmap 2022 in order to better clarify its connection with the Medium-Term Management Program, Project AP-G 2022.
This new roadmap lists not only initiatives based on the KPIs, but also other important initiatives under each of the CSR Guidelines theme in order to ensure progress on CSR initiatives.
The Group will continue to disclose its progress in executing the CSR Roadmap 2022 every year in its CSR Report. →CSR Roadmap 2022

"CSR Guideline Activities" and "CSR Line Activities"

Toray Group implements "CSR Guideline activities" (group-wide CSR activities) and "CSR line activities" (workplace-driven CSR activities) in parallel. The former are driven by the entire organization based on the CSR Guidelines, while the latter are pursued by individual divisions.

CSR Guideline Activities and CSR Line Activities

Organizational Structure for Social Responsibility

Toray Group's CSR Committee serves as a group-wide deliberative organization for important issues concerning social responsibility. The committee is aligned with five other group-wide committees and works to accomplish tasks based on the themes in the CSR Guidelines. The issues discussed by the CSR Committee are reported to the Board of Directors.

Committee and Implementation Organization
Committee and Implementation Organization