Fiscal 2019 CSR Activity Report

Facilitating CSR Initiatives Throughout the Supply Chain

Social Initiatives

Promote CSR initiatives in areas including environmental preservation and human rights throughout the entire supply chain by working closely with suppliers, processing vendors, customers and distribution companies.

Basic Approach

Toray Group operates a wide range of businesses in countries and regions around the world. As a result, its procurement of raw materials and supplies and the locations and industries of its contractors and suppliers are diverse.

At the same time, CSR initiatives in today’s global society are increasingly important. They have become more diverse and advanced in the effort to address climate change, environmental protection, respect for human rights and improvements to the labor environment. These initiatives can no longer focus solely on a single company, and are being extended to encompass its entire supply chain.

To address this issue and ensure stable and sustainable procurement, the CSR Procurement Guidelines specify the Group's commitment to building a supply chain that not only ensures quality and stable supply of products, but also incorporates ethical, social, environmental, and human rights considerations. The Group seeks the understanding of suppliers in this effort.

Related Policies

CSR Procurement GuidelinesRevised December 2004

  1. Establish an internal CSR organization and be committed to CSR
  2. Work to enhance corporate ethics and comply fully with all laws and regulations
  3. Position safety, accident prevention, and environmental preservation as a management priority and practice green procurement and purchasing whenever and wherever possible
  4. Put crisis management systems into place, including capabilities for responding swiftly in unexpected situations, and disclose accurate information
  5. Encourage dialogue and cooperation among all stakeholders
  6. Ensure product safety as a precondition for supplying products
  7. Respect human rights, eliminate discrimination, and improve workplace environments; prohibit forced labor, slave labor, child labor, and unfair low-wage labor
  8. Maintain the confidentiality of information and respect others' intellectual property rights

Policies on Purchasing and Distribution

As a manufacturer of advanced materials that supplies a wide range of materials and products, Toray Group must expand CSR initiatives into upstream management, including production facilities and the procurement of raw materials and products. It has therefore established Basic Purchasing Policies together with Basic Distribution Policies. The entire Group works to fulfill its social responsibilities relating to procurement, purchasing, and distribution. These include measures to ensure fair and equitable transactions, legal compliance, environmental protection, respect for human rights, and quality improvement.

Related Policies

Basic Purchasing PoliciesRevised December 2004

  1. Toray does its utmost to select suppliers and determine actual purchases fairly and on the basis of economic rationality, with consideration for price, quality, capability to provide stable supplies, technological capabilities, reliability, and other factors.
  2. In selecting suppliers, Toray opens its doors to a wide range of companies inside and outside Japan. Toray does not rely solely on vendors it has existing or past relationships with, or on members of its corporate group.
  3. In making purchases, Toray complies with relevant laws and regulations while taking environmental preservation and fulfilling corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues into account. Toray actively pursues green procurement and purchasing as part of its environmental efforts.
  4. Toray works to maintain and improve the quality of purchased products through cooperation with its suppliers.
  5. Toray works to uphold its corporate social responsibilities on a company-wide basis.

Basic Distribution PoliciesRevised December 2004

  1. We shall select our transport and warehousing providers and determine individual agreements impartially and based on factors such as economic rationality with consideration given to price, quality, supply stability, technological capabilities, reliability, and efforts to reduce environmental impact.
  2. We shall be open in selecting our transport and warehousing providers, rather than relying exclusively on companies with which we have done business in the past or companies affiliated with Toray Group.
  3. We shall comply with relevant laws and regulations, consider environmental preservation, and fulfil our corporate social responsibilities in outsourcing our transport and warehousing operations.
  4. We shall cooperate with our transport and warehousing providers in gauging and reducing the environmental impact of our transport and warehousing operations.


To ensure socially responsible procurement across the Group and address today’s increasingly globalized procurement risks, Toray Industries, Inc. has established a working group to lead a group-wide risk management initiative. The working group strives to ascertain the status of CSR practices at suppliers, responds to customer inquiries about Toray Industries’ CSR practices, and supports group companies in this area. The working group also regularly reports on the progress of socially responsible procurement and related risk mitigation initiatives across the Group to the Risk Management Committee, which oversees overall risks. The issues reported are discussed by the committee members.


CSR Road Map Targets and Results

To ensure socially responsible procurement by the Toray Group, request major suppliers and business partners to practice CSR and work with suppliers to promote greater awareness of human rights, social, and environmental issues

[Related material issue for CSR]

  • Managing social and environmental impact of suppliers
Number of group companies that have requested their suppliers to practice CSR
■Reporting scope
Toray Group
■Target (Cumulative fiscal 2017-2019)
40 or more

(Cumulative fiscal 2017-2019)


(Head Office:1, Japan: 57, Outside Japan: 97)
Of which, result in fiscal 2019: 5 (Japan: 2, Outside Japan: 3)

Number of business partners that Toray Group companies have requested to practice CSR (cumulative)
■Reporting scope
Toray Group



(Cumulative total of fiscal 2013-2019, result in fiscal 2019: 2,144)

Reduction in CO2 emissions per unit of sales from distribution activities (year-on-year)
■Reporting scope
Toray Group (Only specified consigners in Japan)
■Target in fiscal 2019

Result in fiscal 2019


Modal shift to sea or rail for transport across distances for 500 km or more (%)
■Reporting scope
Toray Industries, Inc.
■Target in fiscal 2019

Result in fiscal 2019


Looking to the Future

Toray Group believes that socially responsible procurement must be pursued together with suppliers. It will continue to identify and evaluate progress on CSR practices in all processes, including the procurement of raw materials and supplies across the entire Group, as well as production activities by contractors and processing vendors. Toray Group will promote greater awareness of human rights, social, environmental, and other CSR issues while mitigating risks across the supply chain.

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