Articles 2010

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Journal Title Author
Kagaku Keizai Technical development trend of Toray's new functional fibers for apparel uses Y. Aranishi
PACIFICHEM 2010 proceedings Thermo-plasticized cellulose derivative and its utilization for a fiber H. Kano, H. Yamada, Y. Aranishi, Y. Maeda
19th SPSJ Polymer Material Forum, Preprints, Invited Lectures 2CIL02. Polymer "Nanoalloy" S. Kobayashi
2010 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, Preprints Energy saving RO membrane based on scientific research Takafumi Ogawa, Masahiro Henmi, Masahiro Kimura, Hiroki Tomioka, Takao Sasaki, Masakazu Koiwa


Proceedings of the 7th Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials Evaluation of transverse crack initiation in cross-ply CFRP laminates under high-cycle fatigue loading Keigo Takamura, Atsushi Hosoi, Narumichi Sato, Hiroyuki Kawada
Composites Part A Enhancement of strength and uniformity in unidirectionally arrayed chopped strands with diagonal angled slits I.Taketa, N. Sato, A. Kitano, M. Nishikawa, T. Okabe
The AMS6/IMSTEC10 Conference, Preprints Sea Water RO (SWRO) Membrane with Energy Saving and High Boron Removal Masahiro Kimura, Takao Sasaki, Hiroki Tomioka, Masahiro Henmi, Yoshinari Fusaoka
Water Science and Technology, 62(9), 2134 (2010) High Performance RO Membranes for Desalination and Wastewater Reclamation and Their Operation Results M. Henmi, Y. Fusaoka, H. Tomioka, M. Kurihara
Jpn. J. Neuropsychopharmacol 2010;30:185-191. Pharmacological effects of nalfurafine hydrochloride, a κ-opioid receptor agonist. K. Nakao, K. Hasebe, S. Yoshikawa, K. Ikeda, M. Hirakata, Y. Miyamoto, H. Mochizuki


Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Fatigue of Composites Prediction of transverse crack initiation of CFRP laminates under fatigue loading Atsushi Hosoi, Keigo Takamura, Narumichi Sato, Hiroyuki Kawada
Thrombosis and Haemostasis TRA-418, a thromboxane A2 receptor antagonist and prostacyclin receptor agonist, inhibits platelet-leukocyte interaction in human whole blood. Miyamoto M, Ohno M, Yamada N, Ohtake A, Matsushita T.
J. Vet. Med. Sci. Scratching Behavior of ICR-Derived Glomerulonephritis (ICGN) Mice Y. Miyamoto, H. Umeuchi, T. Kurokawa, K. Nakao, K. Okano


Polymer Preprints, Japan Vol. 59, No. 2 (2010), p4091-4092 Structure Development by Polymerization-induced Phase Decomposition S. Kobayashi, K. Nomura
59th SPSJ Annual Meeting, Preprints, Invited Lectures 2A15IL. Polymeric Separation Membranes Contributing to the Solution for World Water Issues M. Henmi
59th SPSJ Symposium on Macromolecules, Preprints, 2U08. Development of High Performance RO Membrane M. Henmi, M. Kimura, T. Sasaki, H. Tomioka
J. Pharm. Sci., 2010, 99, 3986. Physical characterization of TRK-720 hydrate, the very late antigen-4 (VLA-4) inhibitor, as a solid form for inhalation: Preparation of the hydrate by solvent exchange among its solvates and mechanistical considerations. M. Shiraki
59th SPSJ Symposium on Macromolecules, Preprints, 3l02. Development of Donor Materials for Organic Thin-Film Solar Cells D. Kitazawa, N. Watanabe, S. Yamamoto, J. Tsukamoto


Proceedings of the 25th International Carbohydrate Symposium Melt spinning of the thermo-plasticized cellulose derivative H. Kano, H. Yamada, Y. Aranishi, Y. Maeda
Composites Part A Interply hybrid composites with carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene and self-reinforced polypropylene I. Taketa, J. Ustarroz, L. Gorbatikh, S.V. Lomov, I. Verpoest
IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan 2010 Wafer and/or chiip bonding adhesives for 3D package T.Nonaka, K.Fujimaru, A.Shimada, N.Asahi, Y.Tatuta, Y.Tatuta, H.Niwa, Y.Tachibana
The 42nd Autumn Meeting, Keynote Lecture V208 Leading-edge Technology and Prospect of Separation Membranes Technology for Water Treatment, as Focused on RO Membranes. M. Henmi
J. Photopolym. Sci. Technol., 23 (2010) 293-296. Quinoxaline-Based Donor Polymers for Organic Solar Cells D. Kitazawa, N. Watanabe, S. Yamamoto, J. Tsukamoto


Composites Part A, 41 (2010), 1639?1646 Enhancement of strength and uniformity in unidirectionally arrayed chopped strands with angled slits I. Taketa, N. Sato, A. Kitano, M. Nishikawa, T. Okabe
The cell 42(8), 349-352, 2010-07 The difference between type 1 interferons in the balance of IL-1 beta and IL-1Ra S. Momen, T. Suzuki
J.Biochm(Tokyo) Time-saving mutiplex detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms by ultrasensitive DNA microarray M. Ichikawa, K. Miwa, T. Yamasaki, I. Nakagawa, S. Takizawa, S. Masuda(Kyoto Univ.), K. Inui(Kyoto Univ.)
International Conference on Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals 2010 9B1-01 (invited) Newly Developed Donor Polymers for Organic Thin Film Solar Cells D. Kitazawa, N. Watanabe, S. Yamamoto, J. Tsukamoto
International Conference on Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals 2010 8P-204 Quinoxaline-Based Low Bandgap Polymers for Highly Efficient Organic Thin-Film Solar Cells N. Watanabe, D. Kitazawa, S. Yamamoto, J. Tsukamoto
International Conference on Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals 2010 8P-187 Composition Depth Profile Analysis of Polymer-Fullerene Layer by TOF-SIMS with Gradient Shaving Preraration S. Yamamoto, D. Kitazawa, J. Tsukamoto, T. Shibamori, H. Seki, Y. Nakagawa


Proceedings of 14th European Conference on Composite Materials Hybrid effects on the interply composites reinforced with carbon fibre and stretched polypropylene I. Taketa, L. Gorbatikh, S.V. Lomov, I. Verpoest


SAMPE 2010 Proceedings Advanced VaRTM Material System for Aircraft Primary Structures K. Yoshioka, T. Kamae, S. Kochi, E. Wadahara, T. shinoda
Folia Pharmacol Jpn 2010;135:194-203 Review on New Drug
The pharmacological and clinical profiles of nalfurafine hydrochloride (REMITCH™ capsules 2.5 μg), a new therapeutic agent for the treatment of uremic pruritus in hemodialysis patients
K. Nakao, A. Ando, M. Hirakata, N. Ando, K. Takeshita, Y. Miyamoto, H. Mochizuki
J. Pharmacol. Toxicol. Methods Reduction of non-specific adsorption of drugs to plastic containers used in bioassays or analyses T. Fukazawa, Y. Yamazaki, Y. Miyamoto


Intern.Polymer Processing,02, 159-169 (2010) Effect of the Control of Polymer Flow in the Vicinity of Spinning Nozzle on Mechanical Properties of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Fibers M. Masuda, W. Takarada, T. Kikutani
Proceedings of SAMPE Europe 31th international conference Hybridization of carbon fibre reinforced polypropylene and self-reinforced polypropylene I.Taketa, J. Ustarroz, L. Gorbatikh, S.V. Lomov, I. Verpoest
Pharmacia Discovery of the first in class drug for intractable itch, Nalfurafine hydrochloride H. Nagase, K. Kawai
Toxicol. In Vitro., 24, 039-1044(2010). Comet Assay in Murine Bone-marrow Cell line (FDC-P2). K. Oshida, E. Iwanaga, K. Miyamoto, Y. Miyamoto


Cellulose communications Development of the Thermoplastic Cellulosic Fiber “Foresse” H. Yamada, Y. Aranishi
Materials System, Vol.28(2010)p.21-26 The Dimensional Accuracy of Injection-molded CFRTP Piece and its Viscoelasticity Behavior in Injection Molding Process. Y. Takebe
Polyfile Toray Positive-tone Photosensitive Polyimide Coatings “Photoneece” M. Tomikawa
J. Med. Chem., 53, 2087-2093(2010). Structural Basis for Platelet Antiaggregation by Angiotensin II type 1 Receptor Antagonist Losartan (DuP-753) via Glycoprotein VI. K. Ono,H. Ueda, Y. Yoshizawa, D. Akazawa, R. Tanimura, I. Shimada, H. Takahashi


09-2 Polymer Symposium, p21-24 Development and Industrialization of Biaxially Stretched Nano-alloyed Film T. Higashioji, T. Tunekawa
"Polymers" Vol.59 February 2010 Eco-friendly Thermal Insulating Foam Sheet M. Sueoka
Environmental Solution Technology Development of High Boron Removal Rate Reverse Osmosis Membrane M. Henmi
Toxicol. In Vitro., 24, 85-91(2010). Identification of AhR-regulated Genes involved in PAH-induced Iimmunotoxicity using a Highly-sensitive DNA chip, 3D-Gene Human Immunity and Metabolic Syndrome 9k. S. Iwano, M. Ichikawa, S. Takizawa, H. Hashimoto, Y. Miyamoto
Journal of Controlled Release (2010) 142 8-13 Controlled Release of Protein Drugs from Newly Developed Amphiphilic Polymer-based Microparticles Composed of Nanoparticles. Y. Kakizawa, R. Nishio, T. Hirano, Y. Koshi, M. Nukiwa, M. Koiwa, J. Michizoe, N. Ida


International Journal of Fatigue, 32 (2010), 29-36. High-Cycle Fatigue Characteristics of Quasi-Isotropic CFRP Laminates (Initiation and Propagation of Delamination Considering the Interaction with Transverse Cracks) Atsushi Hosoi, Narumichi Sato, Yasuyuki Kusumoto, Keita Fujiwara, Hiroyuki Kawada
Materials Stage Insulator for OLED Display K. Miyoshi
Developing Trend of Photo-alignment Technology Photo-alignment Control of Organic Semiconductors T. Fujiwara
The Monthly Journal of Global Environment Development of Energy Saving Reverse Osmosis Membrane with High Boron Removal Rate for Seawater Desalination M. Henmi
Diabetes, 59(4), 1092-1100(2010). The Prostacyclin Analog Beraprost Sodium Ameliorates Characteristics of Metabolic Syndrome in Obese Zucker (fatty) Rats. N. Sato, M. Kaneko, M. Tamura, H. Kurumatani
Yakuzaigaku 70(1), 14-20 (2010) Newly Developed DDS Technology of Polymer-based Nanoparticle Clusters for Biopharmaceuticals. R. Nishio, Y. Kakizawa, N. Ida
Kobunshi Ronbunshu Fluctuating Charge Molecular Dynamics Study on the Nanoscale Structure of Polymer Electrolyte T. Kawakami, I. Shigemoto