Technical Departments and Engineering Departments

The results of the R&D division and own development themes of technical departments are developed by the relevant technical departments of Manufacturing division and business divisions for existing businesses, and by each development center and New projects development division under Technology Center, for new businesses. Through research and development processes, Engineering division is responsible for developing new facility technologies.


Technical departments develop elemental technologies and processes for commercialization of the results of R&D, and scale up processes using pilot plant and production facilities. The departments collaborate with business divisions to provide product information hearing and technical support to customers, and they promote product design against market needs.

Manufacturing, Production Technology

In order to constantly deliver high-quality products to customers, manufacturing departments conduct daily production control, process improvement and on-site management.
When producing new products, they enhance development as manufacturing departments with the technical departments and the engineering departments.


Engineering departments are in charge of developing innovative devices to bring out advanced materials into the world and designing, introducing, preserving and improving plants for stable and efficient production. Using elemental technologies such as machinery, electricity, measurement, control, etc., in cooperation with technology/ production departments and officials outside the company, they are promoting the creation and maintenance of equipment with the world’s best competitiveness.

Main technical departments and engineering departments

Technology Center

Organization name

Business Division

Field Organization name
Electronic & Information-Related Technical Departments Electronic & Information Materials
  • Electronic Materials Technical Dept.
  • Electronic Coating Materials Technical Dept.
  • Applied Paste Technical Dept.
Clinical-Related Technical Departments Pharmaceuticals and Medical Product
  • Hot Balloon Catheter Business Dept.
  • Clinical Research Dept.
  • Clinical Data Science & Quality Management Dept.
  • CMC Technical Dept.
  • Medical Devices Technical Dept.
Water Treatment & Environment-Related Technical Departments Water Treatment
  • Membrane Technical Dept.
  • Water Treatment Technical Dept.
Environment and Amenity Products
  • Amenity Products Technical Dept.

Engineering Division

Organization name

Manufacturing Division

Field Organization name
Fibers & Textiles-Related Technical Departments Fibers and Textiles
  • Filament Technical Dept.
  • Staple Fibers Technical Dept.
  • Industrial Filaments Technical Dept.
  • Nonwoven Fabrics Technical Dept.
  • Advanced Textiles Development Center
  • Textiles Technical Dept.
Resin & Chemical-Related Technical Departments Resins and Chemicals
  • Plastics Technical Dept.
  • Chemical Engineering Dept.
  • Chiba Plant Toyolac Technical Sect.
  • Shiga Plant PEF Production Department Technical Sect.
Film-Related Technical Departments Films
  • Film Technical Dept. Mishima
  • Film Technical Dept. Gifu
  • Tsuchiura Plant Technical Sect.
  • BSF Technology Dept.
Composite Material-Related Technical Departments Torayca & Advanced Composites
  • Torayca Technical Dept.
  • Prepreg Technical Dept.
  • First Advanced Composites Technical Dept.
  • Second Advanced Composites Technical Dept.
  • ACM Technology Dept.

Sustainable Growth

What makes Toray Group's long-term sustainable growth possible, is the incessant development of advanced materials by the pursuit of R&D over the long-term.
Toray conducts cutting-edge R&D in Japan to create advanced materials and high value-added products, then aims to expand the business further through the development of applications that address local needs, as well as through the optimal use of its overseas production bases in terms of demand location and cost competitiveness.

Sustainable Growth