Toray Group Corporate Social Responsibility

Toray Group strategically practices social responsibility guided by its three-year CSR Roadmap, aiming to achieve sustainable growth while helping to build a more sustainable world.

Report from the Chief CSR Officer

Shigeki Taniguchi
Shigeki TaniguchiSenior Vice President,
Chief CSR Officer,
Toray Industries, Inc.

As Chief CSR Officer, I will make every effort to further CSR initiatives that ensure
the sustainable development of Toray Group and society as a whole.

Toray Group has from its founding in 1926 lived up to the management principle of "realizing that corporations are public institutions of society and contributing to society through our business." Toray Group positions CSR efforts as one of its highest management priorities and implements its management strategies and CSR initiatives in an integrated manner, striving both to ensure the sustainable development of the Group and to help build a sustainable world.
Toray Group’s CSR Guidelines, our guiding principles for delivering on our social responsibilities, lay out such broad themes as: corporate governance; ethics and compliance; safety, accident prevention, and environmental preservation; product quality and safety; contributing solutions to social issues through business activities; human rights promotion and human resources development; and establishing a sustainable supply chain. We identify material CSR issues and establish our three-year medium-term CSR Roadmap by setting specific goals and main initiatives, as well as KPIs to measure progress for each individual guideline based on the materiality. The CSR Roadmap guides our systematic implementation of organization-wide CSR activities. In June 2023, we announced our CSR Roadmap 2025 (Fiscal 2023-Fiscal 2025), which incorporates a total of 11 selected material CSR issues classified under Contribution to Society through the Creation of New Value and Management Foundation.
We will do our utmost to enhance the CSR activities of Toray Group through the strategic promotion of CSR initiatives.

CSR Activity Report (CSR Guideline Activity Reports)For more information

  1. 1 Corporate Governance
  2. 2 Ethics and Compliance
  3. 3 Safety, Accident Prevention, and Environmental Preservation
  4. 4 Product Quality and Safety
  5. 5 Risk Management
  6. 6 Communication
  7. 7 Contributing Solutions to Social Issues through Business Activities
  8. 8 Human Rights Promotion and Human Resources Development
  9. 9 Establishing Sustainable Supply Chain
  10. 10 Social Contribution Activities as a Good Corporate Citizen

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