Disclosure Policy

Basic Approach

Toray Group communicates with diverse stakeholders throughout its business activities in accordance with its Basic Policies to Promote Dialogue with Stakeholders and its Information Disclosure Principles. The senior management team regularly receives reports on communication activities and provides advice.

Basic Policies to Promote Dialogue with StakeholdersEstablished September 2005

  1. Toray Group will promote dialogue and collaboration with all stakeholders, including customers, stockholders and investors, business partners, employees, government, local communities, NPOs, citizens, the global community and the media.
  2. Each company in Toray Group, through dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders, will take steps to carry out reforms designed to increase the satisfaction level of everyone.
  3. All Toray Group employees, in their respective workplaces, shall identify and strive to solve issues affecting stakeholder satisfaction as part of their CSR activities.

Information Disclosure PrinciplesEstablished January 2004

  1. Information Disclosure Principle:
    Strive to communicate with various stakeholders associated with the Company by actively disclosing pertinent information.
  2. Voluntary Disclosure Principle:
    Comply with statutory disclosure and timely disclosure requirements and voluntarily disclose information that can be disclosed.
  3. Timely Disclosure Principle:
    Strictly comply with the appropriate disclosure timing for statutory disclosure and timely disclosure, and disclose information on facts that can be disclosed as quickly as possible for voluntary disclosure as well.
  4. Fair Disclosure Principle:
    Disseminate information to all stakeholders in a fair and unbiased manner.
  5. Information Management Principle:
    Officers and employees associated with the content of information to be disclosed shall strive to maintain thorough information management until disclosure.

Outline of Structure for Timely Disclosure

1. Basic stance toward information disclosure

Advocating ethics and fairness as one of the Corporate Guiding Principles in the Toray Philosophy, Toray Group has established the Ethics & Compliance Code of Conduct as specific provisions to be observed and disclosed them on the website. In the section titled Compliance for information management , the Company declares that it will make disclosures as required by law and follow the Toray Group’s Information Disclosure Principles with the aim of providing full, fair, accurate and timely reports and public disclosures about our business.
In addition, the Company has established the Information Disclosure Principles to achieve management transparency and build trusting relationships with stakeholders and society. The Company also discloses these principles on the website and puts them into practice.

2. Internal structure for timely disclosure

  1. (1) The Company has established the Internal Information Management and Insider Trading Regulations to control information related to significant facts that could have a material impact on the management of the Company or any of its subsidiaries. The Regulations organize details that fall under the material facts prescribed by law, designate a department in charge of information by content of the material fact, and stipulate that the Company shall disclose material facts promptly when they are identified or arise. The Company also determines that it shall disclose information about facts that could have a significant impact on the management of the Company or any of its subsidiaries in an appropriate and timely manner in accordance with the Internal Information Management and Insider Trading Regulations as well as the Information Disclosure Principles, even if they do not constitute material facts prescribed by law.
  2. (2) The time and method to disclose information shall be determined through consultation between the department in charge of information and the Corporate Communications Department, which is responsible for disclosure. The flow of information disclosure is as described in Exhibit 1- (1) (Information Disclosure of “Facts Determined”) and Exhibit 1- (2) (Information Disclosure of “Facts That Occurred”).
  3. (3) As a check function of the internal structure for timely disclosure, the Corporate Auditors’ Audit Rules sets down the implementation of the Audit of Implementation Status of the Internal Control System, and corporate auditors conduct audits according to the Rules to ensure that the system to disclose financial information and other company information in an appropriate and timely manner is properly constructed and operated, in cooperation with the Auditing Department, which is responsible for internal audits.

Exhibit 1- (1) Information Disclosure of “Facts Determined”

Exhibit 1- (2) Information Disclosure of “Facts that Occurred”

Spokespersons for Investor Relations Activities

To ensure the accuracy of information and fairness of disclosure, the spokespersons for the investor relations activities the Company engaged in shall be, in principle, the President, relevant Vice President, and personnel with responsibility for investor relations. Furthermore, Members of the Board, Corporate Auditors, other Vice Presidents, employees, etc. may have responsibility for acting as spokespersons as the need arises.

Quiet Period

In order to prevent premature divulgence of information related to financial results and ensure fairness, we employ a quiet period which as a rule lasts for one month prior to the date of an announcement of the financial results. During this period, we refrain from providing any new information related to the upcoming financial results, either in response to specific inquiries thereto or as part of any other statement or comment.