CSR Activity Report (CSR Guideline Activity Reports)

Human Rights Promotion and Human Resources Development

Respect human rights, provide safe and healthy workplaces for employees, secure and train personnel, and diversify while striving to protect employment.

Basic Approach

Committed to Human Rights

At Toray Group, respect for human rights is a mandatory management principle for ensuring the continuity of corporate activities and building positive relationships with all of the Group's stakeholders. The Group works to promote and raise awareness of human rights, for instance by declaring its commitment to the respect of human rights in its Corporate Guiding Principles and Ethics & Compliance Code of Conduct. In the Code, discrimination of any kind based on race, creed, skin color, gender, religion, nationality, language, physical characteristics, disability, socioeconomic status, place of birth, or any other personal characteristic is strictly forbidden in every process from recruiting and hiring to work placement, compensation, training, and retirement.
Moreover, Toray Group has selected “respecting human rights and promoting human resource diversity” as a material CSR issue. The Group respects internationally recognized human rights and works to create workplaces where diverse human resources can demonstrate their creativity and thrive.

The Ethics & Compliance Code of Conduct stipulates that harassment must never be tolerated in the workplace, including sexual, and power harassment. In addition, Toray Industries has established Guidelines for Preventing Harassment in the workplace and informs officers and employees of the policy and prevention management system that does not allow sexual harassment, pregnancy-based harassment, and power harassment.

Toray Group has been tackling the issue of discrimination based on self-acknowledged gender and sexual orientation. In January 2017, the Group established an employee hotline specifically for LGBTQ issues, which is operated by the Human Rights Promotion Section of the Industrial Relations Department of Toray Industries.

The Group also addresses global human rights issues in accordance with the Toray Group Policy for Human Rights, considering the diverse cultures, customs and social norms of the countries and regions where it operates.

Related Policies

Policies on Human Rights

Toray Group declares fulfilling our responsibility to respect human rights as a good corporate citizen in its Corporate Guiding Principles and specifies its respect for human rights in its Ethics & Compliance Code of Conduct and strives to prevent any human rights violations through education and awareness activities within the Group.
In addition, as a global enterprise, the Group respects international norms such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization’s conventions, and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Based on approval by the Board of Directors, the Group has also established the Toray Group Policy for Human Rights, which lays out the Group’s commitment to ensuring that it is not complicit in any human rights violations in the overall supply chain, including at suppliers or contract manufacturers, and to promptly and appropriately addressing issues if and when they arise.

Toray Group Policy for Human Rights(Established December 2017)

We at Toray Group believe that respect for human rights is a mandatory principle for corporate management. Therefore, we respect international standards such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization’s standards in compliance with the laws and regulations of countries and regions where we operate, and will endeavor to fulfill our duty of respect for human rights as a good corporate citizen.

  1. We will respect human rights, character and individuality of employees and eliminate harassment and discrimination in workplaces. Furthermore, we will prohibit child labor, forced labor and unfair low-wage labor.
  2. We will strive to promote respect for human rights throughout the entire supply chain related to our business activities. In addition, we will not be complicit in infringing on the human rights.
  3. We will endeavor to understand adverse human rights impacts associated with our business activities and to avoid or reduce such influences.
  4. If it becomes evident that we have caused or contributed to adverse human rights impacts, we will promptly take appropriate actions.
  5. We will promote educational activities about issues of human rights for every employee and foster a proper understanding of issues among them.

Securing and Developing Human Resources

The success or failure of a company is decided by its people—employees shape its destiny. Guided by this concept, Toray Group considers securing and developing outstanding human resources as one of its most important tasks and a fundamental management priority. Based on the following four goals, Toray Group is promoting human resource development.

  • Development of fair-minded individuals who act with high ethical standards and a sense of responsibility
  • Training of professionals with advanced expertise, technical skills and originality in problem solving
  • Development of leaders who act with foresight and a sense of balance
  • Development of individuals, professionals, and leaders who can play an active role in global business

Related Policies

Toray Global HR Management (“G-HRM”) Fundamental Policy

Toray Group established its Global HR Management (“G-HRM”) Fundamental Policy, with the goal of managing human resources from a common perspective shared by the entire Group, thereby surmounting differences between countries, regions, cultures, customs, and individual companies.
Under the policy, Toray Group practices a united approach to human resources management of each group company.


Human Rights Promotion System at Toray Group

Under the Ethics and Compliance Committee chaired by the president of Toray Industries, Toray Group operates the Human Rights Promotion Committee in Japan and the Global Human Rights Promotion Committee.
The Human Rights Promotion Committee in Japan determines the human rights activity policy to be carried out in the offices and plants of Toray Industries. Activities are implemented accordingly, with the aim of ensuring that working environments are positive and supportive throughout the Company.
Group companies in Japan use the activity policy of Toray Industries as a reference, and then implement their own human rights programs with the support of the parent company.
Meanwhile, the Global Human Rights Promotion Committee aims to minimize human rights risks outside Japan. Each group company takes its own specific human rights initiatives based on circumstances in the country or region concerned.

Toray Group’s Human Rights Promotion System
Toray Group’s Human Rights Promotion System

Securing and Developing Human Resources

Toray Group employs talented human resources who can play an active role in global business, inclusive of gender and whether employees were hired out of university or mid-career. The Group’s approach to human resources development uses well-designed, systematic training programs.

CSR Roadmap 2022 Targets

CSR Roadmap goals

  1. Respect for human rights and fair promotion based on ability throughout the Toray Group by eliminating discrimination based on race, gender, education, nationality, religion, and physical attributes
  2. Ensure work environments take into consideration employees’ health and build a vibrant and rewarding workplace culture group-wide, working systematically to secure and train personnel

Main Initiatives and Key Performance Indicators

Human Rights Promotion
⑴ Implement human rights education and training
⑵ Achieve the legally mandated employment rate of persons with disabilities
⑶ Operate a whistle-blowing system and consultation service at each Toray Group company to promptly and appropriately respond to problems in an effort to reduce human rights risks
Human Resources Development
⑷ As part of career develop initiatives for core staff, use the career path worksheets included in the new personnel information system
⑸ Systematically hire, develop, and core staff outside Japan
⑹ Create workplace environments in which women will feel comfortable performing their duties
⑺ Support the return to work from long-term childcare leave
⑻ Reduce the number of employees who exceed non-statutory working hours
⑼ Encourage the use of annual paid leave by labor union members
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Target Fiscal 2022 Result
Fiscal 2020 Fiscal 2021 Fiscal 2022
100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100% 53.1%
20% 30% 100% 100% (Expanded to all eligible employees ahead of schedule in March 2022)
100% 100% 100% 100%
Year-on-year reduction Year-on-year reduction Year-on-year reduction 79.7%
About 90% About 90% About 90% 93.2%
  1. Reporting scope : Toray Group (8-❶)
    Toray Group (Japan) (8-❷)
    Toray Industries, Inc. (8-❸, 8-❺ and 8-❻)
    Employees of Toray Industries, Inc. (8-❹)

Related Materiality for CSR

  • Committed to Healthier Lives
  • Respecting Human Rights and Promoting Human Resource Diversity
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Looking to the Future

Committed to Human Rights

During the CSR Roadmap 2025 period (fiscal 2023–2025), efforts are being made throughout Toray Group to improve awareness of the need to protect human rights. These efforts are carried out via ongoing campaigns and training highlighting the Toray Group Policy for Human Rights.
In addition to identifying human rights issues within Toray Group and responding promptly and appropriately, the Group is augmenting its internal education at Toray Industries, Inc. and its group companies and striving to improve human rights awareness among officers and employees in fiscal 2023.

Securing and Developing Human Resources

Toray Group pursues a range of initiatives to build workplace environments that are considerate of employee health and a workplace culture characterized by pride and motivation. To secure the future management talent needed to lead the Group in coming years, Toray Group hires systematically, continually improves its grade-specific management training to strengthen frontline capacity, and regularly upgrades its selective training to foster managerial candidates.

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Fiscal 2022 CSR Activity Report

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