Takuji Nishioka(Chief Engineer)

Takuji Nishioka
  • Department : Engineering Development Center
  • Area of expertise : CAE analysis of chemical engineering processes

My Thoughts on Research

To create and commercialize advanced materials that change common practice and exceed the imagination, innovative production equipment is needed. CAE analysis, which produces computer simulations of chemical and physical phenomena, is tackling research and development with the mindset that it is "an essential technology in designing production equipment." There are many things that don't go as planned, but I picture the spectacular output of the technology I have developed and face these challenges with a thrill in my heart. I will continue my research and development efforts to be able to contribute to the creation and early commercialization of cutting-edge materials that will have an impact on society.

Main Academic Papers

1998 • Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics, pp 415-420 (1998)
1999 • Computational Mechanics volume 23, pp 164-171 (1999)
• Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics, pp 171-178 (1999)