Commendations 2020

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Month Awarding Institution Commendations Matters for Commendation
12 MONODZUKURI Nippon Conference MONODZUKURI Nippon Conference Co-chair Award High water production and high recovery rate RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane element for RO membrane water purification system
11 Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation The Chairman's Award of Siga Institute of Invention and Innovation Laminated film with excellent optical properties and adhesion
7 Society for the Advancement of Material and Process JAPAN The SAMPE Japan Special Award Contribution to the development of the association for management and events, and contribution to the spread and development of carbon fibers and carbon fiber composite materials
5 The Society of Polymer Science The Award of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan Development and industrialization of biaxially oriented polypropylene film for high heat-resistant capacitors for electrified vehicle