Message from the President

Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products.

President, Toray Industries, Inc.Mitsuo Ohya

The world faces many challenges that must be overcome to ensure global sustainability, including climate change, issues of resources and energy, food and water shortages that come with population growth, destruction of the natural environment, and safety and health concerns.
Since its founding in 1926, Toray Group has consistently made “contributing to society” a pillar of its management and has continued to do this through its business activities.
In 1986, we established our current corporate philosophy of "contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products." In 2020, Toray Group organized its corporate philosophy and other management principles — the principles it has upheld since its founding — in the form of the Toray Philosophy.
The Toray Group mission is to provide fundamental solutions to the global challenges the world faces with balancing development and sustainability by delivering innovative technologies and advanced materials.

Based on this approach, we are accelerating our efforts to realize the following four perspectives of the world envisioned by the Toray Group in 2050 as outlined in the Toray Group Sustainability Vision announced in 2018.

  1. A net zero emissions world, where greenhouse gas emissions are completely offset by absorption—in other words, a carbon-neutral world
  2. A world where resources are sustainably managed
  3. A world with a restored natural environment, with clean water and air for everyone
  4. A world where everyone enjoys good health and hygiene

In March 2023, we announced our Medium-Term Management Program, Project AP-G 2025, entitled Innovation and Resilience Management—Value Creation for New Momentum, which covers the three-year period beginning in fiscal 2023. Taking the Toray Philosophy as its starting point, Project AP-G 2025 aims to achieve sound, sustainable growth by helping to solve global scale issues as indicated in the Toray Group Sustainability Vision.
With regard to corporate social responsibility (CSR), which is positioned at the highest tier of the Toray management priorities, we announced our CSR Roadmap 2025, covering the same period as Project AP-G 2025, in June 2023. This roadmap guides our systematic implementation of organization-wide CSR activities over the medium-term.These activities focus on such themes as ethics and compliance; safety, accident prevention, and environmental preservation; and human rights promotion and human resources development. Toray Group will continue to contribute to society, implementing management strategies and CSR initiatives in an integrated manner.

June 2023