Toray Group Corporate Social ResponsibilityMateriality

In fiscal 2015, Toray Group selected material issues for CSR based on the GRI G4 Guidelines, which are a set of international sustainability reporting guidelines. In fiscal 2017, the Group reevaluated the material issues before launching its Sixth CSR Roadmap.

Materiality Assessment Cycle

Toray Group regularly implements the following process to reevaluate its material issues for CSR, while incorporating recommendations from external thought leaders.

Materiality Assessment Cycle

Updated Material Issues and Key Performance Indicators Reflected in the CSR Roadmap

Toray Group addresses the material issues for CSR with specific initiatives under its CSR roadmap. The Group defines how the material issues are connected to the CSR Guidelines and the goals of the CSR roadmap, and then sets key performance indicators (KPIs) for the roadmap goals connected to material issues, in order to guide and shape its initiatives.
Toray Group’s CSR initiatives reflect local circumstances in each country and region, but the Group also pursues shared, group-wide initiatives, which are managed with group-wide targets. Under the CSR Roadmap 2022, the Group has also set group-wide KPIs, and uses the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle to drive progress on its efforts.

Toray Group Materiality Matrix
Toray Group Materiality Matrix Toray Group Materiality Matrix

Materiality View of CSR Roadmap

The relationship between Materiality and Main initiatives/ KPIs of CSR Roadmap is shown in this comparative table.