Annual Report

To Our Stakeholders

Staying focused on the basics,
searching for ideal approaches,
identifying the right steps,
and then carrying them out in highly uncertain times

PresidentAkihiro Nikkaku

Human Resources Strategy

Toray will promote individuals who are adept at adapting to change as well as future management candidates and professionals with the capability to lead on the frontlines.

Senior Vice President, Human Resources DivisionShigeki Taniguchi

Welcome to TORAY IR Day

Toray Group organized an event where the heads of each business directly outlined their thoughts on the new medium-term management program “Project AP-G 2022, ” focusing on business strategies for the three years up to fiscal 2022. In addition to their diverse nature, the Company’s businesses confront different operating environments. Our goal here is to outline the growth strategies of each business that were not fully explained in the overall presentation.