Yoshiyuki Kitamura (Engineering Fellows)

Yoshiyuki Kitamura
  • Department : Engineering Development Center
  • Area of expertise : Wet Coating

My research philosophy

I find in myself encouragement, meaningfulness and pride for creating and serving with practical technologies that contributes in some way-especially economically-narrowly to my company, broadly to our society. The better, the greater the achievement and evaluation of, and the reward for my technologies, about which I don’t care much. The important thing is that I can do what I want to while contributing to our society. I believe in my heart that as long as I do my work for our society, it would be appreciated.

Third-party awards

2002 2002 Chemistry Technology Awards of the Chemical Society of Japan
2010 2010 The Kinki district Local Commendation for Invention "The Encouragement Prize for Invention"