Masao Tomikawa (Research Fellows)

Masao Tomikawa
  • Doctor (Engineering)
  • Department : Electronic & Imaging Materials Research Laboratories
  • Area of expertise : Electronic materials design

My research philosophy

When I studied things like photosensitization of celluloses in school, I read an academic paper by Toray's researchers on photosensitive polyimides. Because there were many academic papers on new condensation reactions to obtain polyimide and polyamides at the time, I had this vague desire to study condensation macromolecules. Fortunately I was assigned to a department in charge of R&D on polyimide coating agents, and as the company was planning to expand the photosensitive polyimide business, I was able to do many things to my heart's content for sometime after joining the company. Thereafter, I was mainly involved in the development of products meeting the customers' needs. The experiences I had gained earlier proved useful. Problems faced in the course of product realization allow us to examine and analyze things at deeper levels than possible in the basic research stage. In many cases the cause of the problem is something that is seemingly unrelated. Particularly when we conduct R&D in a corporation, it is important to take interest in various things and create drawers in our brain where we store different kinds of technologies. Seeing is believing. I still conduct experiments and write patent applications whenever I have time. I want to remain an active researcher for the rest of my life.

Key academic papers

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1994 Synthesis and photo-induced solution properties of new rigid-rod polyimides
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Tomikawa M, Yuba, T., Ohbayashi, G., Kim J-H, Kim Y-H, and Kim T:
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Third-party awards

1991 The Award of the Society of Polymer Science
2010 The Chemical Society of Japan Award for Technical Development for 2009
2010 Local Commendation for Invention of Kinki "Shikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade & Industry Director's Prize"
2015 National Commendation for Invention "The Invention Prize"

Key invited lecturers

2008 The 17th Polymer Materials Forum
2009 The 28th Noyori Forum
The 17th Japan Polyimide & Aromatic Polymer conference
2013 JIEP Advanced Electronics Packaging Technology Symposium