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Plastic Optical Fiber
Product info
Product Information

Plastic Optical Fiber Cord for Broadband Communication

· Provides point-to-point communication between ATM user devices and ATM network equipment, up to 156Mbps at 50m.
· Applies to 100Mbps Fast Ethernet (100 Base)
· A viable solution to IEEE1394 applications.

Please follow the Handling Precautions when handling the products.

Parameter ATM Spec. Product
Test Standard
Fiber Dia. (µm) 1000±60 1000±45 IEC793-1-A4
N. A. 0.33±0.03 0.32 JIS C6862-8
Attenuation* (dB/50m) 9.1 Ave. 8.5 IEC793-1-C1A
Bandwidth (MHz-km) 10 10 IEC793-1-C2A

CORD for the Digital High Broadband communication Use
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