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Plastic Optical Fiber
Product info
Product Information

Plastic Optical Fiber

FIBER Made of high purity PMMA, Raytela* Plastic Optical Fiber is low-attenuation, and highly reliable. The fiber diameter ranges from 250m to 3000m.
CORD With PE, PVC, or PP jacket, Raytela* Plastic Optical Fiber Cord has good resistance to heat, physical determination, chemicals etc.
Cord for Broadband
Compliant with ATM standard, IEEE1394b.
CABLE With another jacket over cord, Raytela* Plastic Optical Fiber Cable offers additional durability for uses in severe environment.
LIGHT GUIDE Jacketing over bundled fiber, Raytela* Light Guide is suitable for light sources of medical devices, and display lighting for art objects etc.
Plastic Optical Fiber used inside automobile has been increasing recently.Toray PFD Series has been chosen by European Manufacturer for transmission media of Automobile Communication.

Toray polymer optical fibers have been developed by Toray Industries, Inc., based on its experience in polymer and fiber manufacturing as a leading producer of synthetic fibers and plastic products in the world.
Our optical fiber is step index type with core of high-purity polymethyl methacrylate and cladding of special fluorinated polymer.
Raytela* fibers are low-attenuation, highly reliable products. With its advantages including high transmission capacity, excellent nosie resistance, light weight, and outstanding flexibility, it is used in diverse fields, such as short distance communications, industrial and decorative sectors.

We have four types of optical fiber, of which brief descriptions are given in the following table.
And our optical fiber and its fabricated products are divided into three grades according to the attenuation.

(*Values in the table are for reference, and can vary based on the conditions and the environment of use)
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