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High-heat Resistant Polyimide Coatings Semicofine*
squareHigh-heat Resistant Polyimide Coatings Semicofine*

Semicofine*, an aromatic polyimide precursor solution, is the result of Toray's extensive experience in application technologies for polyimide. Especially, SP-300, SP-400, SP-800 series enjoy a good reputation as reliable buffer coatings among major semiconductor manufacturers.
· Semicofine* is featured by its high heat resistance, fine pattern capability, and low metallic ion contents.
· The CTE of Semicofine* SP-040 series is 16ppm, as low as metals', which enables to form low stress buffer coatings.

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*Do NOT use in medical applications involving implantation in the human body and direct contact with internal body fluids and tissues of human body.
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