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High-heat Resistant Polyimide Coatings Photoneece*
squareHigh-heat Resistant Polyimide Coatings Photoneece*

Photoneece* is an aromatic polyimide precursor solution with the following characteristics. Photoneece* is the result of Toray's extensive experience in polymerization and application technologies for polyimides and photosensitive polymers.

1. High Crack Resistance
Excellent film elongation enables high crack resistance against bending.
2. High Electrical Insulation
3. High Heat Resistance
Low weight loss at high temperature enables high heat resistance that level is comparable to non-photosensitive polyimides.
4. Excellent Adhesive Strength
The excellent adhesive strength with various base materials can be achieved by adequate surface treatments.
5. Fine Patterns
40microm pitch (20microm line and 20microm space) is possible at 10microm final film thickness. 30microm pitch (15microm line and 15microm space) is possible at 3.5microm final film thickness.
6. Wide Product Line
Toray offers both positive and negative working types. Positive types are aqueous soluble and environmentally friendly.

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squareProcess Steps
Process Steps

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squareProoduct Line-Up
Photoneece* Product Line-Up

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squareTechnical Information Library

PDF MarkPW Series

PDF MarkPW-1200 Series

PDF MarkPW-1400 Series

PDF MarkPW-1500 Series

PDF MarkPW-2100 Series

103 K
PDF MarkLT Series

2,776 K
PDF MarkPN Series

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*Do NOT use in medical applications involving implantation in the human body and direct contact with internal body fluids and tissues of human body.
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