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Electronics & Circuit Materials
Toray Adhesive Sheets for Semiconductor and Electronic Components

* Excellent thermal conductivity of more than 1 W/mK with all the other requirement for adhesive sheet.
* High insulation reliability.

Items Unit TSA-32 Note
Peel strength after cure N/cm
8 Sample:
PI film 75u/TSA/Ni-Cu plate
5mm width,90°peel
Thermal resistance C 260 JEDEC LEVEL3
Glass transition temperature C 40,130 DMA
CTE ‐50‐50℃ ppm/C 46 TMA
180‐250℃ 100
Flexural modulus(Mpa) -70℃ Mpa 8800 DMA
150℃ 290
200℃ 70
Thermal conductivity W/mK 2  
Water absorption Ωcm 2.2×1014  
Volume resistivity 1MHz 5.1  
Dielectric constant 1MHz 0.023  
Dissipation factor KV/mm 140  
Processing condition - 100C1hr
1. Environment friendly product, which can be applied to the lead free solder.
2. Further development is on going for higher thermal conductivity.

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