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Electronics & Circuit Materials
Toray Adhesive Sheets for Semiconductor and Electronic Components

Minutes order curing process became possible by new hardening system of the adhesive sheet.
By saving the curing time from hours to minutes, total cost down are possible.
Snap Curing

Example of Application (Press Process)

Snap Curing TSA Press Condition and Adhesion
Snap Curing TSA Press Condition and Adhesion

Items TSA-66
Peel Strength (N/cm) 12
Reflow Resistance
Flexual Modulus at RT (MPa) 170
Ion Impurity (Na+, K+, Cl-) <20, <10, <15 ppm
Example of
Press Condition
180C, 1min

1. Excellent properties are attainable with the snap curing property.
2. Environment friendly product, which can be applied to the lead free solder.

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