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Electronics & Circuit Materials
Toray Adhesive Sheets for Semiconductor and Electronic Components
" Toray Adhesive sheet for Semiconductor and Electronic Components" have excellent performance and longtime experience in the application of the heat sink and stiffener attachment for the T-BGA and E-BGA as well as die bonding for various advanced packages. Toray challenges to extend the "Toray Adhesive Sheet" to the new applications such as power device and optical sensors by the newly developed technology.

Toray challenges to become a total solution provider by the wide variety line up of adhesive sheet.
(1) Wide process margin. (ex. Lamination, Punching, Cover film delamination.)
(2) Excellent reliability. (Insulation reliability, Temperature/Humidity durability, Chemical resistannce)
(3) Low warpage allows easy sealing on the various substrate.
(4) Environmental friendly. (Low ion impurity content, Lead free solder applicable, Halogen free)

Item Standard Specification
Adhesive Thickness[] 30,50,100
Cover Film PET
Thickness of Cover Film[] 38
Width[mm] 29.6, 39.5, 42.7
*Spec can be modified depending on the customers requirement.

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Product Cross Section

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