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Toray Adhesive Tape for TAB
"Toray Adhesive Tape for TAB(Tape Automated Bonding)" has been developed with Toray's fine chemicals and film processing technology.
Toray has a top share in the Adhesive Tape for TAB market by pursue for QCDS.
No.1 Share

Structure of the Product

General Specification
Format Base Film Width(mm) Adhesive Width(mm)
35mm Super Wide 35 29.7
48mm Super Wide 48 42.7
70mm Wide 70 60.6
35mm Super Wide(Double) 70 29.7 x 2
48mm Super Wide(Double) 96 42.7 x 2

Standard Type Double Type

General Base Film
Type Thickness(μm)
Upilex S 50, 75, 125
Kapton® V 125
* Spec can be modified depending on the customers' requirement.


Standard type with excellent properties.
#7100 can be used for LCD Driver Application as well as a wide variety of products.
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High performance of excellent insulation reliability.
#8200 is suitable for PDP Driver Application as well as LCD Application.
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#9300 has high Tg and high modulus at high temperature.
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Toray COF Materials
Toray COF Materials are a fusion of adhesive technology for TAB tape and process technology for FPC materials.

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