Toray Industries (America)社(TAM社)


 そのような中、TAM社では、ニューヨーク日本商工会議所と当地の非営利団体・日本クラブが、両会員企業と米国日本人医師会からの支援を得て開始した、医療従事者の方々へ継続的にお弁当を無償提供するという、「Let's Support COVID-19 Fighters! 〜NYの医療チームへお弁当を届けよう」プロジェクトの活動趣旨に賛同し、協賛することにしました。
 TAM社からはお弁当に、医療従事者の方々に向けて感謝の気持ちと無事を祈り、「We are tremendously grateful for your selfless and courageous work. Your dedication to save people's lives is truly admirable. Our thoughts for the safety and well-being of you and your families are always with you(人命を救うために、献身的で勇気あるお仕事をされている皆さんに感謝します。 私たちは、皆さんとご家族が安全で幸せでありますよう願っています)」というメッセージを添えています。


お弁当を受け取り、喜ぶColumbia Presbyterian Hospitalの皆さん

Mount Sinai Hospitalでのお弁当配布の様子


The COVID-19 pandemic has made the world acutely aware of how much we need one another. Our interconnectedness is more evident than we may have seen in our lifetimes.

In the midst of this global crisis, every day we witness extraordinary acts of courage, persistence, ingenuity, kindness, and love, from healthcare teams, grocery store employees, delivery people, teachers, volunteers, neighbors, and many more. We may not know their names, but their generosity of spirit is unmistakable. And for all this, we at Toray are deeply grateful. As a small gesture of thanks, the Toray Industries (America), Inc., team in New York City is committed to providing bento boxes to local hospitals. At the same time, the entire Toray Group continues to do everything it can to protect its employees, communities, and customers.